Green hydrogen roadmap development in Jordan

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The Jordanian-German Energy Partnership in cooperation with GFA developed the Green Hydrogen roadmap based on the green hydrogen opportunities and development assessment which was presented in July and discussed with key stakeholders in Jordan.

The green hydrogen assessment was based on the international experiences and the Jordanian context through a broad process of stakeholder interviews to identify barriers in the institutional, regulatory, research and development, training and capacity building, market, economic, and financing, as well as environmental and social barriers, that are likely to challenge large-scale green hydrogen development in Jordan.

On October, GFA presented the green hydrogen roadmap in a workshop that was attended by key stakeholders in related sectors. The workshop had two main sessions. First session was about the regulatory framework for green hydrogen and the international market experiences followed by a short discussion. The second session discussed Jordan specific case, identifying the major gaps for green hydrogen development, the required updates on policy and regulation, and the enabling environment from previous experiences such as the enabling policy, institutional, and regulatory framework that allowed for the rapid development of large-scale renewable energy projects in collaboration with the private sector.

The Jordanian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources is working to develop green hydrogen strategy in Jordan. The study recommends building on Jordan’s strong and stable political climate and enhance a favourable and stable investment environment to attract investors with greater visibility for long-term profitable green hydrogen production projects.