Green Hydrogen opportunities and development in Jordan

The participants of the workshop © GIZ / Ashraf Esaa

On July 18, The Jordanian-German Energy Partnership in collaboration with GFA facilitated a workshop on green hydrogen roadmap development. The workshop was attended by experts from the Ministries of Energy and Mineral Resources, Transport, and Water and Irrigation, as well as other public and private sector stakeholders.

During the workshop, Eng. Yacoub Marar the Director of Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Department presented the Jordanian policy and strategy and priorities of the green hydrogen followed by Dr. Federico Villatico Campbell, a senior green hydrogen expert, presented innovative global green hydrogen road maps and discussed how such an example could be applied to Jordan's case.

Dr Rafik Missaoui presented the workshop's main session titled ‘’Opportunities and requirements for green hydrogen’’.  The participants discussed opportunities for green hydrogen and the key requirements for long-term green hydrogen development in Jordan.

The workshop endorsed for a favourable regulatory and policy environment in Jordan for the production, application, and export of green hydrogen and its derivatives. The Jordanian-German Energy Partnership activities aims to ensure the viability and sustainability of both the ecological and economic aspects of Jordan's hydrogen production ramp-up.