Energy Partnership at the fact-finding mission on bioenergy

Group Picture
©GIZ/Zaid Nesheiwat

As part of the German Energy Solutions Initiative of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, a virtual fact-finding mission on bioenergy for Jordan and German energy experts took place. The virtual, three-day event started off with an introduction to current market trends, key market players and the latest technologies in the field. The following day, participants virtually visited German reference projects and companies which showcased products and applied technology solutions for their respective challenges. Finally, companies and participants had the chance to network and discuss business opportunities in bioenergy and waste management in the Jordanian context.

Johannes Uhl, Head of the Energy Partnership Secretariat presented the diverse activities of the Partnership. The Energy Partnership aims to boost employment and business activity in the energy sector in Jordan. To this end it supports capacity building and the creation of an attractive investment environment. Supporting B2B and B2G dialogue is a key pillar of the Partnership’s work.

The fact-finding mission was co-organised by Renewables Academy (RENAC) AG, German-Arab Chamber of Industry & Commerce (AHK) and the Amman Chamber of Industry.