Online Webinar: Empowering the Workforce

Introduction about GEA during the webinar
Introduction about GEA during the webinar © GEA

This insightful virtual event brought together prominent speakers from both Jordanian and German governments and leading German private sector companies to shed light on the importance of capacity building for the green energy transition. Participants gained valuable insights from government representatives and industry experts, discovering exciting career opportunities in the sustainable energy sector.

During the webinar, an important highlight was the introduction of GEA Internship program, which offers GEA trainees a unique opportunity in one of the German companies in the energy sector aims to empower aspiring professionals by providing them with hands-on training and exposure to real-world projects in collaboration with renowned German private sector companies. This immersive experience allows interns to work alongside industry experts, enabling them to apply their knowledge, expand their capabilities, and contribute to the ongoing energy transition efforts.

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